Somerset Recreation Department

Welcome to the Parks and Recreation Department for Somerset, MA

Saturday, December 6, 2014
Departs Somerset at 6:00 am
Leaves New York (Bryant Park) at 7:00 pm

From the Desk of the Recreation Director:                              

With the fall season here and  winter approaching, the Recreation and Playground Commission is excited to continue the quality programming for its residents and friends of Somerset Recreation. We are looking to expand our events through the fall and winter with events at Pierce Beach, trips to New York and Foxwoods, and activities to include our Gingerbread Workshop, and new partnerships with local businesses for dance, exercise, and fitness. 

It is through the generosity of our sponsors and mentors that contribute to our daily success and ability to provide quality recreation on a daily basis and we ask anyone interested in sponsoring additional programming or activities to contact us for more details.

For those of you who participated in any of our programs, we look for your comments to improve our services to you in the future.            

Recreationally speaking,
Barry Fontaine
Recreation Director



James Pereira , Chairman 
Maryellen Aspden, Clerk 
Richard Silvia
Raymond Frizado 
Joseph Duarte
Recreation Director
Barry Fontaine
Brittany Viveiros


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